Orkney Buffalo

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Welcome to our family farm in Orkney

taste of orkney


Home to Russell and Naomi Bremner, and our three young children: Dorothy (9), Wilbur (7) and Martha (6), and of course our herd of Water Buffalo, mangalitza pigs, shep the dog and 8 cats.

Buffalo are members of the bovine group of animals just like cows.  The (Asian) Water Buffalo at Orkney Buffalo are highly domesticated animals and are governed by standard cattle regulations.  Buffalo live well into their 20s and have the ability to convert grass fodder into meat (or milk) without the need for any other supplimentary feed.

Find out more about the Buffalo in Orkney here.  

A long time in the planning, our herd of Water Buffalo arrived on Orkney shores in August 2013

“Local produce of the highest quality”