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Welcome to our family farm in Orkney

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A blog about all the goings on on our family farm in Orkney.  Living the dream with our buffalo and Jacobs sheep and chickens and cats and dogs....what next?

#Orkneyhour Mon 23rd March 2015, 9pm

By Naomi Bremner, Mar 23 2015 11:34AM

The first #Orkneyhour of 2015, and a celebration of Community in Orkney!

...It is the way Scotland looks to the South,

the way we enter friends' houses

to leave what we came with, or flick

the kettle's switch and wait.

This is where I want to live,

close to where the heart gives out,

ruined, perfected, an empty arch against the sky

where birds fly through instead of prayers

while in Hoy Sound the ferry's engines thrum

this life this life this life.

Andrew Greig

The community is strong in Orkney, it's one of those things that makes Orkney special. From Community Associations, Sports Clubs, Playgroups and Playparks, SWRI, to all the festivals and volunteering that makes things happen. Join us in celebrating all this community good, and find out about what is happening in Orkney in 2015.

Q1 9pm Introduce yourself? Where are you joining in from? #Orkneyhour

Q2 9:05pm What does Community mean to you in Orkney? What works well and why? #Orkneyhour

Q3 9:15pm Which events or activities mustn't be missed in 2015? #Orkneyhour

Q4 9:25pm How can people get involved in their community across Orkney? In different areas or with different groups. #Orkneyhour

Q5 9:35pm Share what you / your organisation gets out of taking part in community activities or community learning in Orkney #Orkneyhour

Q6 9:45pm What could be done more or different to support community development? #Orkneyhour

Q7 9:55pm Spring is springing :) What signals spring for you in Orkney? #Orkneyhour

Include photos during the hour that celebrate all things #Orkney #Orkneyhour

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