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A blog about all the goings on on our family farm in Orkney.  Living the dream with our buffalo and Jacobs sheep and chickens and cats and dogs....what next?

By Naomi Bremner, May 23 2014 08:34PM

Sunday 8th June 2014 is Open Farm Sunday and Schoolhouse Farm in Deerness is opening their gates to visitors, for what promises to be both a fascinating and enjoyable day out for the whole family. Schoolhouse Farm is delighted to be joining hundreds of other farms across the country in hosting events to celebrate British farming and food. Open Farm Sunday is an annual nationwide event, organised by LEAF, it’s a great chance to find out firsthand how our food is grown and produced sustainably and talk to the farmers responsible.

When: Sunday 8th June

Where: Schoolhouse Farm, Deerness, KW17 2QH

Opening time: From 11 – Until 5pm

Admission cost: Free

Further information: http://on.fb.me/1oMAcmb

A chance to meet and find out about our water buffalo herd and Jacob flock, including this years' lambs. We are also hosting a 'peedie producers' market with arts, crafts and food produced from in and around Deerness. There will also be displays of vintage tractors and farm implements and of crafts, such as spinning.

By Naomi Bremner, May 4 2014 08:43AM

#OrkneyHour is a monthly chat on Twitter. Covering subjects like ‘where to stay’, ‘where to eat’, ‘what to do in Orkney’ etc. It’s a chance for Orcadians and travelers to chat and plan a visit to/around Orkney and to make new friends. Search #OrkneyHour to see previous tweets. #OrkneyHour takes place on the second Tuesday of the month, 9pm – 10pm GMT on Twitter. Tag your tweets with the hashtag #Orkneyhour.

Orkney’s calendar is packed full of festivals to suit everyone as well as the major international festivals for which the county is famed. Find out more at: http://www.orkney.com/culture

Here are the questions for #Orkneyhour on Tuesday 13th May:

9pm It would be good if you could introduce yourself (e.g. name/org, what you do, area, remember to add '#OrkneyHour') or just let us know you're there!

9:05pm Q1 New to Tweeting from / about / around Orkney? Top tips on Tweeting from the stalwarts? #Orkneyhour

9:10pm Q2 Tough question…which is your Orkney festival / event of choice and why? #Orkneyhour

9:25pm Q3 Best ideas and ways to promote your festival? #Orkneyhour

9:40pm Q4 Food for thought! – Having a well-earned rest from all the festivalling…where in Orkney can you eat with a great view – and what's on the menu? #Orkneyhour

9:50pm Q5 Mustn’t miss events or performances in the 2014 Orkney festival programme? #Orkneyhour

9.00 - 10.00 Share lots of pictures on all the above! (Remember the #OrkneyHour)

By Naomi Bremner, Apr 3 2014 10:55PM

The first OrkneyHour is all about Orkney of course! On Tuesday 8th April, 9-10pm GMT, you can join in the discussion about Orkney on Twitter. All you need to do is answer the questions using A1, A2 etc. in the answers and remember to include the tag #OrkneyHour in your Tweet. It will be great to have everyone share photographs during the hour, just use the tag #OrkneyHour.

By Naomi Bremner, Mar 26 2014 11:00PM

In Part 1 I left off with us in Eday, and the proud owners of 15 in-calf buffalo cows. We also had bought a dozen Jacob sheep that year, so the headcount was mounting, though we arranged that the buffalo would stay down in Fife until we managed to secure some dedicated land for them.

So we set about trying to find some land in Orkney for our “starter pack”. First we scoured our island of Eday, but at just a little over 10 square miles, and a good deal of that taken up with peat banks, the mission was unfruitful. While this search went on we did make ready a byer on Eday that they could come home to for the winter, but that would have been a short-term solution only, and really we needed some fields. The quest continued and while we hoped it could have been triumphed in six months gradually it crept out of reach as winter loomed. Winter became spring, and we frantically battled to finalise the purchase of a farm on the mainland, which sadly fell at the last hurdle.

By Naomi Bremner, Mar 20 2014 10:58PM

Over the last few years many folk may have heard of the regular monthly Twitter chats, such as #ScotlandHour and more recently #ScotFood chat, the latter of which caught my @OrkneyBuffalo-attention when I was excitedly and unsuspectingly roped in to co-host an Orkney and Shetland-themed chat in February.

It was a great, whirlwind hour that made lots of exciting connections. It was scheduled for 9-10pm, and so I had the kids nicely tucked up in bed, and with a pot of coffee ready, but made the mistake of not switching the house phone to silent, and so as it happened spent nearly 40 of the 60 minutes on the phone…grrrrhhhh…trying to multitask! Thankfully I had pre-scheduled the questions to appear on time, but next time, I must get organised with some answers in advance too, as well as switching off that phone!

The regular Twitter monthly chat #ScotlandHour gets together to discuss a theme related to visiting Scotland. And #ScotlandHour now has a worldwide reach, and the Scotsman today reported on how #ScotlandHour had convinced a Texan to emigrate.

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