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Welcome to our family farm in Orkney

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Schoolhouse Jacobs


The Jacob is a small to medium size breed.  Ram horns can reach 30 inches or more!


The fleeces from Jacobs are a delight for handspinners and for the connoisseur of natural color. The average micron size is 34 and ranges on the Bradford scale from 48 to 54.


Jacob Sheep are a very ancient breed that probably originated in Syria some 3000 years ago.


Carcasses are lean and flavorful, with minimal waste. Tanned hides and horn buttons are additional unique products from these sheep.

A little about our Schoolhouse flock

Our flock of Jacob sheep was established in late 2011 with 10 ewes from the lovely island of Sanday in Orkney.


This was added to in 2013 with the addition of six more ewes, three of which are Jacob Sheep Society registered (Firthview) and a Jacob Ram Lamb (Firthview).


Our Jacob Sheep Society flock number is 05012, prefix EylandSkyn.


We are looking forward to welcoming our first pure Jacob lambs in spring 2014.


We will have Jacob fleeces from our ewes available in early summer 2014. Our Jacobs have a wide range of colourings, from those that are predominantly white with minimal, but well defined black patches, to those that are significantly brown.

All fleeces are sold raw and uncleaned.  All fleeces are individually netted and labelled with the sheep's number or name where applicable.  Please contact us if you are interested.