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Welcome to our family farm in Orkney

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The Bremners

Russell and Naomi moved to Schoolhouse Farm in Deerness, Orkney in July 2013.  They live with their three children - Dorothy (4), Wilbur (3) and Martha (18mths).


Delighted to have their own farm and livestock to rear and nurture.


Dorothy loves all things pink and wants to be a 'fairy' when she grows up.


Wilbur loves farming, especially working with daddy on the tractor.


Martha  loves the cat - Number 1.


July 2013

August is Show time - for the kids time for some facepainting.  Before Dorothy started in P1 at St Andrews School this month, there was also time for some 'team work' filling in some pot holes in the road - though one had to be left alone for a puddle to jump in.


August 2013

September came and went in a blur.  23 new additions on the farm, but still waiting (not very patiently) for the remaining four buffalo to calve...(fingers crossed for some action before we need to bring them in for the winter.)  New additions are Jacob ram lamb from Fairview flock in Caithness, along with some lovely ladies, and some more ewes from Eday.


More excitingly for the kids - three kittens, which they named Purple, Green and Yellow, in homage to their warm new buffalo hats, which are keeping them warm through these colder days.


September/October 2013

And what's happening on our farm

Winter has well and truly arrived.  All the buffalo are in the byres for the winter, and seem to be very settled into their routine, which includes a 'we-will-only-go-at-our-own-pace' attitude when we want them to move between pieces to get dyted out.


First sign of snow on the 19th of the month, which sent the kids into a tizz.  Snow balls at the ready!  Developed into a storm now though, so not so great.


The days are much shorter now, but there has been plenty to do indoors...Christmas cake baked and being 'fed' frequently, mincemeat in jars, and eventually after nearly making in advance of several Christmases before, seasonal soap has been made and will be ready by mid-December.  Dorothy also had her 5th birthday, and our princess enjoyed having her friends over for a party despite the floods.


Crucially getting everything ready for the first Orkney Buffalo meat to go on sale at the Orkney Farmers Market on 14th December...and so the adults are in an excited tizz about that!  


November 2013

This is: