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Welcome to our family farm in Orkney

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Happy New Year!  Our first Christmas and New Year at Schoolhouse Farm was thwarted with the colds and coughs that are always doing the rounds this time of year; but, and it's a big but, it was a fantastic family time on the Buffalo farm that we have been dreaming about for so long.


The UK was braced for a barrage of storms throughout December and January, and Orkney took its fare share, but thankfully our precious farm held its own - although Russell did find himself up a ladder on Christas day for a minor roof repair following the winds on Christmas Eve.


January is that juncture over winter when you really start to count the weeks down until it's time, you hope, that the cows will go out for summer - keeping a watch on how much keep is left, while loving the minute or two extra of daylight per day expectently.  


Gearing up now for the first Farmers Market of 2014 - 25th Jan - and trying to make some time to plan for the fabulous year ahead.  


January 2014

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Happy buffalo and happy Daddy (in his boilersuit) by Dorothy, January 2014